Guide For Hiring Your Remote Software Development Team

Set your project requirements:

First and foremost, let’s be clear: in order to hire the top technical expertise, you’ll need a killer sales pitch. Top software developers are aware that they are in high demand, and they will seek out jobs that provide advantages in addition to a salary.

Create enticing job descriptions:

Sure, you’re under pressure to start hiring as soon as possible. However, don’t rush your job posting. Write a straightforward ad that emphasizes your company’s or project’s unique selling qualities. Taking the effort to rethink your job descriptions early on will help your team define, attract, and hire better individuals, saving time and money in the long run. Small businesses without dedicated recruiting teams are most likely to use generic job descriptions, but they’re also the least likely to be able to entice candidates with competitive pay, vacation policies, and other benefits. That generic database has no idea of your company’s amazing culture, fascinating initiatives you’re working on, or the significance of your purpose! You are the only one who can do it.

Consider your pricing carefully:

It’s difficult to estimate the cost of a development hiring. Do you have a set pricing for your developer or do you employ them by the hour? Developers, too, will have preferences. Don’t skimp on the price stage: do your homework and be honest with the people you’re attempting to hire.

Tech to the rescue:

Here are a few resources for finding and hiring remote team members:


This is the most well-known global freelance marketplace. It’s quickly becoming the go-to source for smaller (software) projects, having formerly been known as Odesk (and Elance). On the site, there are millions of freelancers, including programmers, designers, copywriters, and even consultants.


Stackoverflow is the place to go if you’re looking for international programmers. Software companies in the Netherlands, for example, utilise it primarily to recruit foreign programmers who are prepared to relocate.

Coding Pixels

Coding Pixel let you hire dedicated software developers or development team remotely, The model allows vendors to engage remote developers and establish a development office Coding Pixels premises. Remote software developers report directly to you or someone on your team in this arrangement. They also serve as a complement to your in-house engineers, allowing you to increase your development team without delays. Pre-screened applicants that have met a prior quality criteria are often offered by Coding Pixels. These software developers have extensive knowledge and experience working with leading companies across a wide range of technologies. Top pre screen developers are available in following technology.

  • Hire Remote Blockchain Developers: Coding Pixels’ developers provide rapid deployment of blockchain development as well as complete assistance for the continuing development process. They concentrate on client-centric goals and assist you in meeting all of your requirements. They may provide you with a dedicated blockchain developer who will work just for you remotely. CodingPixels is a remote Blockchain resource provider used by small and medium-sized organisations, agencies, and start-ups. In a short period of time, a team of blockchain development resources will be ready to begin working with you.
  • Hire Remote WordPress Developers: To assist you with your WordPress staffing needs, Coding Pixels uses proprietary sourcing, assessment, and qualification processes. With highly vetted developers in Eastern Europe and Asia, they provide the highest code quality, backed by a team of technical specialists in the United States. Hire WordPress Theme Developers and WordPress Plugin Developers in the fastest time possible with Coding Pixels. They give a solely devoted coder, allowing you to set the priorities and maintain control. You have complete control over who joins your team and how their work is prioritised.
  • Hire Remote Full Stack Developers: Coding Pixels talent pool has best talent vetted full stack developers available, Full-stack engineers are experts in both front-end and back-end technologies, and they can create both front-end and back-end apps with ease. They can create MVPs, resolve bugs, participate in ongoing projects, and create whole web apps from the bottom up. Dedicated full stack developers and engineers can be hired on a fixed-cost, full-time (monthly) or hourly basis. With state-of-the-art infrastructure and professional full stack coders, you may save up to 60% on overall development costs.

Create a method for conducting structured interviews:

First and foremost, devise a strategy or interview procedure. Interviewing a large number of candidates haphazardly without following a set, logical method will make it difficult to assess applicants objectively — and you might forget to ask that crucial question. A well-structured procedure also establishes a professional tone, which your candidates will anticipate.

Check your developer’s ability to work remotely:

In many cases, you’ll be working with a seasoned remote worker that is capable of serving clients all over the world. However, this isn’t always the case. Check the basics: does your developer have consistent internet access? Do they have any other means of communication? Check to see if your developer has the self-discipline to work in a remote team.

Onboarding Developers:

Your onboarding process will be comparable to how it is done in person. Perhaps you have a powerpoint presentation on the firm and culture, and you walk new hires through the various company tools — this is readily accomplished using screen-sharing.



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