Hiring a C++ Developer in 2021

What is C++ Commonly Used for?

Computer Operating Systems





Apps for Banking

Cloud/Distributed Computing

Embedded Systems


What to Look for in Different Level C++ Developers?

Junior Level 0–3years Experience

  • Excellent programming skills in C/C++ and Unix.
  • Understanding of RDBMS databases such as SQL server and Oracle is required.
  • Understanding of current software design and development approaches
  • Familiarity with current software configuration management (SCM)
  • Basic database administration knowledge

Senior Level 4–7years Experience

  • Extensive expertise programming code in C/C++ and on Unix systems.
  • Should be able to cooperate with web development tools to create new applications.
  • RDBMS databases are well-understood.
  • Should have prior expertise with integrated development environments (IDEs) such as Eclipse and Visual Studio.
  • Expertise in testing tools, techniques, and current SCM
  • Should be able to define quality and security criteria and have a thorough understanding of database administration.

Interview Questions to Ask

  • What are the difference between C and C++?
  • What is the difference between references and pointers?
  • Can you explain virtual functions and provide an example?
  • Is there a distinction between a class and a struct?
  • Is it feasible to have an inline recursive function?
  • What exactly are VTABLE and VPTR?
  • What are the main differences between Java and C++?
  • What exactly are C++ access specifiers?
  • What exactly is inheritance?
  • Explain the terms volatile and mutable.
  • In a C++ programme, how may a C function be called?

Where to find C++ Developers?




Software Engineer & Blockchain Developers - Discuss about new trends in software programming.

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Mike Jones

Mike Jones

Software Engineer & Blockchain Developers - Discuss about new trends in software programming.

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